Water market reform: Testing the water for April 2017

Negotiating price and demanding better service is a basic right of consumers, a right that hasn’t historically been available to water users.  Since market opening in Scotland in 2008, and the introduction of new legislation into the Water Act in 2014, this has now changed with water market reform.


Organisations are already able to negotiate and switch water supplier for sites in Scotland, with the English market becoming fully open to competition by April 2017.  With this date fast approaching, companies are realising the benefits of utilising Scotland as preparation for competition in England by going through a process of water supply procurement.  However, water poses many complexities, misleading offers and unclear information.  Utilising a provider with many years of experience and knowledge of water company pricing structures is a sure way to get the best deal for your organisation, just as Tesco recently did by partnering with Waterscan.

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Catherine Chebib, Buying Manager – Renewable Energy & Environmental Generation Technologies, said “Through working with Waterscan on our Scottish water supply tender, we have secured the best deal possible whilst ensuring all our key supply criteria have been satisfied.  They tailored their tendering process to fit existing Tesco procurement practices ensuring it integrated smoothly with our usual systems.


Waterscan supported with the review of received bids, utilising their water company charging structure knowledge and expertise in the retail industry to assist with short-listing and the final selection of supplier.  Their approach was comprehensive and professionally independent, with Tesco’s best interests at the core of their work. We would have no hesitation in recommending Waterscan’s services for water procurement and look forward to working with them again when the competitive market opens in England in 2017.”