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The Many Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

rainwater harvesting systemsMore and more businesses are discovering the benefits of rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is an indispensable water saving tool in a climate where groundwater isn’t as plentiful as people might think. Water resources in the UK are in short supply, especially when factoring in changes in rainfall patterns and population growth. Through harvesting, rainwater is collected, commonly from large roof spaces and stored in underground tanks for use at a later time. This helps us to reduce our reliance on and consumption of mains water (the water that comes out of your tap).

 It is not a new practice for people to harvest rainwater in some way, yet the need to do so is becoming greater and greater. Climate change has contributed to increased exposure around rainwater harvesting systems and the benefits of their use. Various government and charitable authorities are also encouraging people and businesses to reduce their consumption of water, specifically mains water. Rainwater is also free from various pollutants, and although mains water has been treated, harvested rainwater is more than sufficient for various business uses such as toilet flushing, cleaning processes, irrigation, car washing and cooling water processes.

Expect Less Wastage

75% of the planet is made of water, yet much of this cannot be used for practical purposes. This means that there is a real shortage of water that we can use for various applications. The principles of rainwater harvesting are not complex. It is a system that collects, stores, filters and conveys rainwater; with the equipment required being easy to maintain.

Harvesting rainwater helps us to stop wasting drinkable mains water for applications that don’t need that level of purity. The process of harvesting rainwater can reduce mains water consumption by up to 50%, which has a huge impact on water bills.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Businesses can run up sizeable bills and have an increased carbon and environmental impact when relying on mains water, which is one reason more and more companies are getting in touch with Waterscan for the provision of harvesting systems. The systems available from Waterscan are designed, built and installed to site requirements.

Waterscan has supplied equipment to offices, schools, hospitals and various other businesses, with the rainwater being used for an array of different purposes on these sites. Increasing workplace awareness of rainwater harvesting can also encourage staff – and students – to reduce their reliance on mains water.More and more homeowners and businesses are discovering rainwater harvesting.