Versatile Greywater Recycling Systems

We may be the blue planet, but according to the UN we’re running out of fresh water quickly. The average Briton uses 3,400 litres of water every day, and most of this comes from commercial enterprises. When global fresh water runs out, Britain will need to rethink the way it uses water, mostly because we will need to make up for the 40% of food we import. Wise businesses are addressing the problem now with rainwater recycling and greywater recycling systems. Let’s take a closer look at how greywater recycling works.

Businesses That Benefit From Greywater Recycling

greywater recycling

In a nutshell, greywater recycling uses water that is flushed from basins, baths and showers for purposes such as irrigating gardens, doing laundry, and flushing toilets. This makes greywater recycling the perfect solution for hotels, leisure centres, large residential blocks, and office buildings. Simply put, if you have a building where a lot of people gather, greywater recycling is the solution for you. Given that you’ll save up to 40% on water consumption, you’ll not only be helping the planet but saving a lot of money.

How the System Works

Water flows from your building’s showers and baths into an aeration tank. The aeration of the water helps biodegradable particles cleanse naturally, before the water is transferred into a filtration tank. This tank contains an ultra-filtration membrane that removes any remaining particles, and the freshly filtered water then travels to a clear water holding tank. A pump then sends this water onto its final destination via a water management system. Better still, the system is chemical free and self-cleaning.

How Your Business Benefits

greywater recycling

Apart from an impressive ROI of up to 2.5 years, greywater recycling is energy efficient in itself at 1.5kWh per m³. These financial savings are added to the goodwill generated amongst a public who are more environmentally conscious than ever before. When combined, these factors can add a lot to your bottom line. Don’t forget you can also claim 100% back on your first year capital allowances simply by investing in a greywater recycling system.

Easy Monitoring

Chances are you’re busy enough without needing to worry about your greywater recycling system. Thankfully, the system is monitored and so you can compare data on the volumes of greywater and mains water you’re using. Cost benefits are also monitored, including factors such as system performance.

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