A Quick Guide to Greywater Recycling

While the Government seeks efficient ways of conserving water, it’s heartening to know that greywater recycling for commercial businesses throughout the UK is on the rise. But what is greywater recycling and how does it benefit businesses?

greywater recycling

Greywater Recycling at a Glance

In simple terms, greywater recycling takes non-fouled waste water from areas such as showers and baths and uses it in numerous capacities such as flushing urinals and toilets or irrigating land. The water passes through a unique filtration system to remove contaminants before it’s made available for use.

Which Businesses Are Best Suited to Greywater Recycling?

Given that greywater recycling can reduce water consumption by up to 40%, it’s something every business should consider. New build hotels, schools, and leisure centres may seem like the most obvious examples; a quick water audit will show just how high water consumption is and highlight potential technologies to reduce this consumption. You’d be surprised.

Greywater Recycling and the Environment

greywater recycling

The most obvious benefits are the immediate reduction in water consumption and associated expenses. However, as climate change and population growth sink their teeth in, the long-term benefits of saving water are already becoming apparent with an extra 800 million litres of water per day forecast as being required by 2020. This could send utility bills skyrocketing, and the businesses that get serious about greywater recycling now will have a better chance of reduced water costs in the future.

Greywater Recycling and Tax Relief

Businesses who invest in greywater recycling products now qualify for tax relief under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme. Under the ECA Scheme, ROI can be expected in 2.5 years. The British Government’s decision to effectively hand money back to businesses that employ greywater recycling technologies shows how vital it is for businesses to take action to reduce water consumption.

Greywater and New Premises

While all businesses should consider integrating a greywater recycling system, the best place to start is with new build premises. Greywater systems can be seamlessly integrated during construction, whereas installing such a system in old premises is often cost prohibitive.

For more information on Greywater recycling methods and advantages, or to arrange an audit or discuss comprehensive water management solutions, contact Waterscan today.