Greywater Recycling for Hotels and Businesses

flushing A shortage of water has led to an increased awareness of water saving solutions, such as greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting. There are various reasons for this impact on water resources, with climate change and population growth regularly cited as being key factors. As a result, the threat of water restrictions on a business is never far away. Government incentives to encourage better usage of water have also had an impact on this increased awareness.

Greywater recycling reuses water already used by a business in baths, showers and hand basins. Greywater recycling is on the rise and is suited for installation in buildings, like hotels, that have the potential to meet a significant proportion of domestic demand for water through recycling.

Greywater can be recycled for various non-drinking purposes, such as flushing toilets and irrigating gardens. More and more businesses are signing up for greywater recycling, as unlike rainwater harvesting, it saves mains water regardless of external environmental factors and reduces water consumption within a business more consistently. There are various sites that might be served well by greywater recycling, particularly those with a number of baths and showers including hotels, leisure centres and residential blocks.

A Quick Return on Investment

Rainwater HarvestingBusinesses that start to recycle their water can be eligible to benefit from the governments Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme, as well reductions in their water bills. Greywater recycling can also substantially reduce an organisations carbon and water footprint. With Waterscan’s system, which incorporates energy efficient components, the impact on energy consumption is also limited. In fact, you can potentially realise a full return on your investment in a greywater system within as little as 2.5 years.

It can be all too easy to underestimate how much water we use when washing our hands or flushing toilets. Many businesses offer bath and shower facilities to their staff or guests. By reusing this water, it’s estimated that greywater recycling can reduce the reliance on mains water by around 40%.

Easy to Accommodate

Greywater Recycling Hotels and guesthouses are a perfect beneficiary of these systems due to the natural supply and demand balance from their operation. The systems are more suited to new builds to allow for the system to be designed and installed in a discreet and compact manner, which means that you won’t have to take big steps to accommodate them. Our greywater systems are extremely energy-efficient, can be combined with a rainwater harvesting system – allowing for an even more effective water recycling product, and make an optimal contribution to the impact on water resources.

Waterline – a web-based online management system – can even run reports on the systems performance, allowing you to verify the savings in mains water usage as a result of installing the system.