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Detecting that Leak Doesn’t Mean it’s Too Late

leak detectionThe bad news about noticing a water leak in your business is that the source of the problem could be anywhere. Even worse, water leaks can go undetected for years and may never spring to the surface. Most commercial properties have complex pipe and drainage systems, so a ‘band-aid’ solution is unlikely to work. Thankfully, professional commercial water leak and detection companies can help your business get back to optimal water usage quickly.

Detecting the Leak

If a leak is immediately visible, chances are high your business has already lost a lot of money through water consumption charges and reduced water pressure. In serious cases, equipment may already be damaged and productivity lost. Leak detection engineers work to pinpoint the leak as quickly as possible, before any more material or financial damage occurs. The best engineers will be sensitive to the effect disruptions can have on your business, and will minimise these as much as possible.

The Leak Detection Process

leak detectionUsing the latest technology, leak detection engineers employ a step-by-step process to precisely pinpoint the leak. Firstly a site survey is undertaken to map all mains water supplies. These supplies will then be divided into zones. Secondly, your business’s flow rate and average daily usage is recorded. Thirdly, flow and pressure tests are conducted. Finally, thermal imaging, and acoustic profiling and correlation techniques are used to find the exact location of the leak.

The Repair Process

Once the leak detection engineers have established the precise source of the leak, civil engineers get involved. While defining the exact nature of repairs is difficult before detection, the process typically involves replacement and repair of external water supplies, mapping of the area, and reinstatement of any surfaces taken up during the repair.

Why You Need to Call Somebody Immediately

From building subsidence to hidden damage, your water leak will continue to wreak havoc until it’s repaired. Make sure any leak detection and repair company can get to you as soon as possible. They’ll detail the work that needs to be undertaken and they’ll take care of the issue quickly.

All is not lost if you are certain of a water leak. However, immediate action is essential to ensure speedy detection and repair. If you suspect a water leak, don’t leave detection and repair for later. The amount your business could lose isn’t worth the risk. If you need commercial water leak detection or repairs, contact Waterscan today.


The Necessity of Detecting and Repairing Your Commercial Water Leak

water leakIn the everyday bustle of your business, a small water leak may seem like a minor issue. However, where the water surfaces is not usually where the trouble lies. Thankfully, services are set up for commercial water leak detection and commercial water leak repair. Here’s why you should call them at the first sign of a water leak.

The Financial Loss

Water consumption charges are the most obvious way your business will lose money. The cost of this shouldn’t be underestimated, with a moderate leak of 1 litre per second adding approximately £55,000 to your annual water costs. Added to that is the loss of water pressure, plus the cost of buildings, machinery, and other equipment that have been damaged by the leak. Worst of all, if the leak is in a vital business or production area, the risk of non-productivity is immense. Water leaks get progressively worse, so contact a water detection and repair company before the costs rise further.

Time is of the Essence

water leakThe first concern in leak detection and repair is ensuring you can quickly return to business as usual. Although the leak may have been occurring underground for years, and the source of the leak won’t be immediately apparent, the goal is to detect it quickly.

Site Surveys to Detect the Leak

Professional leak detectors will conduct a full site survey to find the source of the leak. Your mains water supplies will be extensively mapped and zoned, while average daily use and flow rates will be recorded, and flow and pressure tests undertaken. Finally, acoustic correlation and ground microphones will be used to precisely locate the source of the leak. You’ll be pleased to know that this can all be done without disruption to your businesses water supply or productivity.

Repairing the Leak

Once the leak is detected, civil engineers will immediately start repair work. Leak repair typically involves further mapping, repair or replacement of external water supplies, and reinstatement of the surface areas. While it’s impossible to know exactly how much work will be required until the leak is detected, you will be informed and consulted throughout the process. The key with water leaks is to have them eliminated as quickly as possible. Contacting a water leak detection and repair company now will prove more cost effective than waiting for things to get worse.